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Well, that was unexpected...

So on my way to my appointment this afternoon I got stuck behind the dump truck in our alley. I was about to get really annoyed until I realized that it was almost at the end of it's voyage and then I made a really unexpected observation.

Our garbage man is hot.

I mean smoking. I was really surprised! I kind of always expected garbage men to be like the ones you see on TV, portly with hard-hats and sullen expressions given that they spend their working hours wading through other peoples' smelly detritus.

Not this one, no sir. Grey t-shirt giving full view of beautifully shaped arms and the little yellow "don't hit me" vest was short enough that you could see how nicely his shoulders curved down to meet his his slender hips, upon which rested a pair of not-too-trendy boot cut jeans that created a truly lovely silhouette. He even had his dirty-blonde hair gelled in a haphazard, stylish and sexy sort of way.

I kind of wish I would've given him my number. Weird.

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