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The Debates are ON!

Welcome to: McCain looks constipated, and is entirely unable to answer a question directly.

I know I'm all for the O here, but he seems way more adept to staying on topic and actually answering questions instead of finding clever ways to divert into attacks or deliver soundbites.

I don't know how you're watching it, but if you're on CNN they have this fun little audience-response-o-meter that shows how the audience feels about what is being said. This pleases me greatly for a number of reasons.

  1. It's really interesting to note that no one -- neither Republican, Democrat, or Independent -- likes it when one attacks another instead of answering the damn question.
  2. People are really not responding to McCain's repetitious "miss congeniality" bilge, or anything else they've heard outside of the debate.
  3. Even the Repubs appear to dig Obama.
  4. McCain has been the only one to suffer negative audience reactions.

Oh, if McCain talks about earmarks one more time, especially with his VP's history of earmarks, I am going to poke him in his jowls so. hard.

ETA: The political blogs are all aflutter with this, but did anyone else notice that McCain would not look at Obama?
ETA2: Yeah, this is about right.
ETA3: I re-watched the debates. Did you know that McCain thinks the oppressive North Korean regime is so evil those people are actually 3 inches shorter than the South Koreans? True.

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