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I was going to put the tart in tartan...

So I have been musing over possible Halloween costume ideas for days now. I'm really great at coming up with ideas for other people [worthyopponent is going as Ursula the sea witch, and our two friends are going as Flotsam and Jetsam thanks to me.] but when it comes to thinking up stuff for me, it doesn't just leap out at me.

I thought about going as a Kiera-Pirate a la the 3rd PotC, but then I remembered that I have this stunning black, crushed velvet hooded cloak that I inherited after last year. So, I have decided to focus on the cloak. Pictured here, modeled on aither_nyx.

I've gone back and forth about what to wear under the cloak. Lately, I'm stuck between an elf, a Celtic druidess, and Christine from Phantom of the Opera.

  1. Elf: Has the potential for extreme badassitude. I'm not talking a soft wood elf in a dress here. The cloak is so black it would have to be a dark costume. I'm talking like elf of the night, possibly wearing leather pants or a leather halter top and carrying a weapon. Oh I would.

  2. Celtic Dryad/Druidess: Much softer. I'm very intrigued by the druids, but I don't think I could convey it well in a costume. Plus, I'd have to find a medieval dress and shove sticks and leaves in my hair, though the latter might not be too bad. To be fair, finding the dress wouldn't be that hard. I'd just have to run down to RennFest and skulk around the shops.

  3. Christine from Phantom of the Opera: I am excited about this because I want the hair, man. Put it up in rollers, tease it out and I could rock the hell out of that. The only issue being that I don't want to wear a bustle or any of her ridiculous ball gowns. Which is okay, because the costume I really love is her white, just-got-captured slut suit. What's even better, is that I totally found a corset I could have here in time that is damn near perfect and hot as hell for all other intents and purposes. However, this presents a few problems. I'm not sure how the black cloak would relate to this... I don't know where I'd get a white overcoat like that, and I would probably just make a semi-sheer, floor-length, wrap-around skirt to fasten under the corset and get me some garters and stuff but it's cold up here ‘round Halloween.

I just don't want to do this or this again.

Poll #1267518 Costume Conundrum

Which costume gets your vote?


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