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Happy times.


It's been a crap day, and I'm about to go indulge in some parfait-therapy... but one thing I am really happy about is that Mike and I have been together for 5 months today, and that's cool.

Didn't get a chance to see him today due to work and incessant cleaning, but I'm going to see him for lunch tomorrow so that'll rule. And then we have our magical plot for Thursday. And sometime we need to go out for steak, because I have a mean craving and it's not gonna go away until I take down a New York Strip.

Honestly, I'm still on a high from this weekend. I gave Mike the opportunity to back out of coming to the wedding and he didn't, which really meant a lot to me. The drive to the wedding was long, because I was still freaked out after the near-mugging and Mike was asleep... but the next morning was great. We had a blast making fun of our hotel room, and he brought me food from the continental breakfast because he's great. I wouldn't have made it down there in time.

The wedding was lovely, even if we did have three hours to kill between wedding and reception. We went with Dan to the "Aquatic Art Center" which was ... a fishing shop. If you call taxidermy "art," then that is the place for you. We then went to the Ben Franklin, bought some cards, and went to the park to play spite & malice. However, we accidentally got Pinochle cards and couldn't play, so we just hung out and chatted. It was very amiable, and helped launch Thursday into motion.

The reception was... odd. And a little uncomfortable, seeing as Mike had lost his wallet at the park (I called the police and found out it had been turned in at a gas station, and he went and picked it up) and there was no music... but whatever. It was fun.

The drive home was really a blast. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard. My eyes were watering and my side hurt. We sang along to Regina Spektor, we chatted about high school dating, we laughed ourselves silly. It was great. I felt so safe to be myself. It was awesome.

We went out that night with Sandy and some of Mike's friends. Had a great time at Williams in uptown, came home buzzed, and had a giant pillow fight/wrestle match for like an hour before finally passing out of exhaustion at 4 a.m. Then Mike hung around until his soccer game at 3 on Sunday, and even bought me mini donuts at the art fair while I was working.

We saw life(seed) and it was beautiful, albeit concerning when my roommate injured herself. He helped her to the car, I drove her home, he came over, we hung out with Salsa, and I fell asleep wrapped up in his arms. I haven't slept that well in a long time.

I guess I'm kinda crazy for this Mike character. Weird.
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