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Bring Your Change

Alright y'all. I am a serious journalist, working for a serious media company that is -- seriously -- committed to giving users the best possible media experience on their terms.

This Thursday, we'll be brainstorming ways of covering the election that will set a new, better standard. I feel, and I'm sure my colleagues would agree, that rather than having the media continue to define itself -- as it has done for many years -- that you should be present in that discussion.

Therefore, allow me to be your liason. If you care to, please deliver your input below. Serious responses only, please.1

Poll #1223497 What do YOU want from your media?

What information/media do you like in your election coverage?

What information/media do you dislike in your election coverage?

What do you want from the media in your election coverage? What's missing?

This poll is open to all. Please pass it on to your friends. The more input, the better.

For anyone who doesn't have a livejournal and doesn't feel inclined to set up a free account, feel free to leave an anonymous comment. Contact information is appreciated, but not required.

Also, I realize the entry fields are short. This is for quick skimming, but please and by all means feel free to expound upon your opinions in the comments as well.

Also, if you or anyone you know would like to be included on the near-daily news roundup I send out, please enter your e-mail here. It's not all boring straight news, I promise you.

1 As much as I might like to see articles written entirely in LOLspeak, I don't think that'd fly.

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