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Circle of Life

I have a profound respect for life. I understand how it works. Carnivores eat other animals. I eat other animals. That's fine.

But today we're feeding Salsa, Julie's corn snake, and I picked up a rat for him this morning. It's been an interesting progression of emotions since.

At first, I saw the little guy in a tiny cage. He was so scared and white and harmless, I felt really bad for him. I wondered if he knew that my cohorts and I will be ending his life in a matter of hours, because they always know in the Disney movies.

So I got home, and fashioned him a larger cage and put a "last supper" and water in there for him so he could at least enjoy his last few fleeing minutes.

This is where my sympathy melts. After a few hours in his little playground, he still hasn't left the cage from the store. He just shits himself and sneezes.

I realize that these animals are not necessarily bred for life, but this is excessive. In short, I have come to the conclusion that this rat deserves to die.

In other news, I can't WAIT for my massage because my back is killin' me.

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