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today seems like a good day, to burn a bridge or two...

Last night was my bonfire and for the most part, it totally facking rocked. Foxy saved my life with his inhaler and he was just a riot and a half. It was cool before the bonfire too because since all my carpet and shit is gone, we moved back all the furniture and made a skatepark out of my living room. It was so cool.. I have a picture of Chris ollying over me. That was pretty fackin' scary. I could just picture the wheels crushing my ribs and him going flying into the railing and it falls down the stairs and so does he and ahhh.. but no. It was all good. We were pumping music, then we all busted out the guitar, got some pizza, played the drums, played with the N64, messed around on the computer, we had mass amounts of fun. Then of course... when you light anything on fire it's fun.

Hooray for gasoline!!!

Instant Fire. Let me just say that. Flick the match and RUN!!! It was awesome. We made a few gasoline bombs... threw a few cans of soda in the fire. My parents actually bought us stuff. It was crazy. But we went on wood crusades... foxy and I attacked a tree and we beat it. Foxy quote of the week, "Yes! I kicked the most trees ass because I'm fricken Davy Crocket!!!" It was awesome. Tosha and I being the pyros we are took turns filling a coffee can with some gasoline and dumping it on the fire. Muhahha. It was cool until we got into a yellow jacket nest. =/ Then we all kinda ran away and lit off some massive bottle rockets and went down to the lake. Then I had to take people home which sucked. :( I took Toosh home last and chilled at her house for about an hour before I decided to come home. Hopefully I can get out of my house today... after of course, I am done emptying all 5 cupboards in the bathroom. Rawr.


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Aug. 31st, 2002 11:11 pm (UTC)
how have you been anyway?
oh man, it's so great here!
well, these dudes, these dudes of which I speak....
Jesse is in my journalism class, larry is in my german class, isaac is in band I, Brett is in German and Band II....and Justin (who I went out with tonight) I met on state street at a record store, and Marty....he is the kid of a guy that mom knows....I think that's how it works anyway.....!
But anyhow, is this Chris you are talking about? Your little Chrissy-Poo?
golly, so much goes!
i would like to see you again.....I hope you get this message soon!
LOVE, me! (marion auf deutsch)
Sep. 1st, 2002 06:23 am (UTC)
Re: HEY SEXY!!!!!

I see you've adopted german instead of spanish eh? Brave soul you. Whenever Foxy says anything in German to me it makes me feel like I'm going to be attacked... lol

What little Chris am I talking about? Anderson is my little skater boy. Well, not exactly mine persay, I still have my fabtastical Ian. Chris is basically the kool kid that I chill with all the time. He's teaching me how to skateboard and I let him come over and play my guitar for hours on end so it's all good. =D

Rah, I can't believe school starts in two days. I know it's already started for you and I hope you're having fun. You might know my friend Amanda even. =] I should prolly go though. I was abandoned by my rentals so I'm gonna go suprise the hell out of one of my unsuspecting friends in deerfield. muahhaha. Or maybe I should go to shopko and get my school supplies. lmao.


Special K
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