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So You Think You Can Watch A Whole Episode?

Ugh! Watching this show at work is difficult with the breaking news alerts that are wont to happen when you work at a news proliferation company...

Before I talk about the dancing, I need to ask: what the hell happened to Mary Murphy? And who is the hooker they have put in her stead?

Seriously! Her hair is in a volumous slut-crimp, she's wearing an off-the-shoulder, cleavage-busting leopard and black lace corset and a necklace of gold-painted, over-sized anal beads. Who allowed this? This is a family show, for crying out loud. Yeesh!

Tonight, from the half of the episode I actually caught after the livestream finished, the only person I really want to get off the stage is Jessica, because I think she's plastic. I was thinking "cheerleader" the entire routine, and when Mia said it I was totally validated. She just has that shit-eating grin on her face all the damn time, which is so wrong for hip-hop!

Yev was boring, but I think that was the choreography. He was essentially a lifter.

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