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I am so bored I am meme-ing for the first time in months. And I thought I'd broken myself of the temptation. *sigh*

Ganked from esc_azkaban:
If I were [blank], I would be...
  • a stone: slate
  • a tree: a redwood
  • a bird: An osprey! I want a telescope in my eye, and the ability to plunge into water at excessive rates of speed. Also, talons.
  • a machine: A crotch rocket. More specifically, this crotch rocket.
  • a tool: A pen...
  • a flower/plant: A lily. I have an unnatural affection for lilies.
  • a kind of weather: A thunderstorm. Not necessarily the kind that freaks your shit out, but the kind where you like to sit on the porch and watch the lightning dance across the sky while your feet dangle in the rain.
  • a mythical creature: A nymph. Make of that what you will.
  • a musical instrument: A piano.
  • an animal: A black panther or Siberian tiger or other large cat.
  • a color: Turquoise.
  • an emotion: Uh... Hyper?
  • a vegetable: Red Pepper.
  • a sound: Some electronic bleep of some kind?
  • an Element: One of the Neon gases. Heh.
  • a car: A Volkswagen Jetta! Like the one I own!
  • a song: Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple.
  • to trade places with another person: I'd trade with someone who has the means to travel the world, and then I'd do exactly that.
  • a movie: I'd like to say Amelie. I try to help people out, though I'm not quite as tricksy/awkward. And I'm kinda crazy about this one guy, and he's cute and knows how to speak French so there's that.
  • a food: Pad Thai.
  • a place: Family Cabin, Ignace, Ontario. Nestled in the wood with a hand-pump for water, electricity, a gorgeous lake that planes land on, and all the fishing you could ever ask for. Also, the people there are ungodly friendly.
  • a material: Cashmere, a la un pashmina.
  • a taste: Cinnamon.
  • a religion: Agnostic. Never ruling anything out, always questioning, and highly individual.
  • an object: ... a riding crop?
  • a word: Irenic.
  • a body part: Eyes.
  • a facial expression: A particularly devilish/cheeky smirk.
  • a subject in school: English. I am made of words.
  • a cartoon: Daria.
  • a shape: A star.
  • a number: 5
  • a month: September, wavering unpredictably in temperature & precipitation, and changing as the year grows older.
  • a day of the week: Friday.
  • a time of day: Sunset.
  • a direction: South.
  • a piece of furniture: A chaise lounge.
  • a sin: Lust.
  • a historical figure: Elizabeth I
  • a liquid: Rum.
  • a method of death: Poison.
  • a planet: Venus.
  • a scent: Cool water.
  • a sea animal: Dolphin.


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