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This is also a little bit of pimpage for Slantly which is a polling/debate site my company developed, owns, and runs... but let's discuss tonight's political festivities, shall we?

Poll #1199046 Yea verily, or nay narily?

By refusing to step aside Hillary Clinton is damaging herself, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.


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Now, I - personally - feel that what Hillary Clinton did tonight was particularly selfish and indicative of her personal lust for the presidency. In her speech, her focus was on her and her campaign. Obama's was directed to and for America as a whole and transcended party lines. I think it has become increasingly clear over the past months that she has become a very sore loser, and yet I also believe that after 16 months and clear delegate counts, she should have been emotionally prepared and able to make her decision after the final primaries.

In my opinion, instead of conceding graciously and putting her support behind Obama, she has hurt the Democrats ability to unify and turn their focus toward November. I think it's also going to create further animosity within the party as Hillary continues to behave as if she's been wronged somehow. Frustrations will mount, respect will continue to diminish, and she is even hurting her likelihood of becoming the vice presidential nominee by responding this way. By the way, I do not think it likely that she will garner that particular position. I do, however, think that Obama will strive to work closely with her should he win the election.

I think it was unprofessional that she allowed her supporters to shout Denver, even smiling at the suggestion that she should carry this on to the convention. I think it is silly that she is urging her supporters to go to her website and tell her what to do, because I think she's fishing. She's fishing for a petition to the Obama camp to make her vice president, and that is a decision he should not be pressured to make quickly, least of all by her because she is not in a position to do so. She's still looking for a way to sink her teeth in for her own sake. I think her congratulations to Obama were shallow, bordering on contemptuous. I feel Obama's speech was heartfelt and humble.

I believe that she has passion, strong convictions and policies she would like to see put into action, but I think she has surrounded herself in ultimatums. Hillway or the highway, and it seems ludicrous that she keeps insisting she will throw her full support behind Obama while adamantly refusing to do so.

In other news, I think it is interesting that Obama did not acknowledge that he is the first African American presidential nominee. I think it is interesting he gave so much laud to Hillary for being the first woman to make it this far. I think it is interesting that he hardly talked about himself at all, and I find it deeply comforting that it is not about him. That is why I support Barack Obama... because it isn't about him, it's about America as a whole. Hillary is about Hillary's America.

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