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Go go gadget trumpet!!!

Athsma is such a bitch. So is whatever else is wrong with me. I've been in the hospital, yippee hoorah. I hate my blood. I DEMAND A FACKING REFUND! Arf. I told Chris I was going to die at 12:37 last night but he wouldnt let me. He was all, "No! If you did that, I would cry! Then I'd bring you back and kill you. Twice." Niiice. hah.

Yesterday I was gonna have my big bonfire but nooo. My mom wasn't 'comfortable' with the idea. Duh. So I chilled with Chris the whole day. We went biking, paddleboating, swimming, we rocked out on my guitar and on the drums. Im going to a movie with him in about 20 min. We're gonna go see signs! Booya!

Yuh, well yesterday morning sucked. Alyssa woke me up at 10 and we were going to go into Madison to get her books for her college courses she's taking through youth apprenticeship and it was MURDER! First of all, her van died in the parking lot of the bank so we had to walk back to my house and thank god I stole the key for the car off my mom's keyring. So we were late and I had promised I was gonna pick up Chris so I did and we all went to Madison. Yippeeeee! Traffic was a bitch. We almost got sideswiped thrice. Then we found where we were supposed to go, and then they were completely retarded and sent us around for course numbers and a bunch of bullshit and then they found the books but we couldn't take them because the stupid youth apprenticeship people hadn't put any money in alyssa's account so we came for NO REASON! Arf. Then alyssa had to go home and then Chris and I just continued to "chill". We visited Tosha and My toads too. Gordo, X, and Olie are just dandy. =] We caught them the day before I ran away from my house. Their habitat rocks, and they're just hilarious. we'll let them out on Thursday at the bonfire, but not until everyone has met them. They're just too cute!
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