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A truce with Zeus...

So today I'm going to the Minnesota Zoo for the first time evar, and the Weather Channel says I can expect thunderstorms this afternoon and that I should "watch for lightning."

I don't waaaaannaa.

Also, I'm hoping they're wrong 'cause right now I'm basking in the sun and it's glorious. The weather is supposed to be crap this weekend, so I'm really glad we're getting out of dodge. Hopefully it doesn't follow us down to Chicago.

In other news, I'm starving and I can't eat until after my physical, which isn't until 10:45. I'm kind of nervous about it. I'm always afraid they're going to find cancer or something, which I guess is the purpose of these things. Doctors make me uneasy. Although, I really have been a lot more healthy than I was this past winter. In fact - and I know I'm jinxing myself here - I haven't been sick in months! Not since the pneumonia... so that's uplifting.

I really want pasta salad. The kind with little shells and ranch and bacon and yum.

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