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Guess what, bitches!

I am a full-time journalist!

I no longer work at the vile foreclosure company for a power-hungry, aneorexic lemur! Nay! I now work as a Hub Editor for IB. Writing, editing, and rocking!

My last day at the Fid was Wednesday, and I start my new job next Monday. Let's hear it for change, y'all!

In honor of this change, here's a long overdue news roundup! Get in the know, people!

Damnit, China!1

I tell ya, these guys have their hands full. Full of dirt. Damnit, China!

Microsoft Mishaps
  • Quarterly reports show that Vista flopped. Flopped to the tune of $300 milion. Nice.
  • Music authentication needed? Too bad. Microsoft is taking down their music servers Aug. 31st, and no there's nothing you can do about it. What does this mean?

    According to MSN Entertainment and Video Services manager Rob Bennett:
    “As of August 31, 2008, we will no longer be able to support the retrieval of license keys for the songs you purchased from MSN Music or the authorization of additional computers,” writes Bennett. “You will need to obtain a license key for each of your songs downloaded from MSN Music on any new computer, and you must do so before August 31, 2008. If you attempt to transfer your songs to additional computers after August 31, 2008, those songs will not successfully play.”

    Have fun with that, kids.
  • So what does all of this mean for Microsoft? A 6% fall in stocks, and they're taking other tech stocks down with them.

Let's Talk Politics, briefly.

There you go. Yes, it's brief, but at least I'm bringing you this!

You're welcome.

1 For those of you who didn't hear me complain about this at length, I had to write a story about China. My assignment was to cover the controversial current events in China and how they came about via a reflection into China's history. This assignment was insane, and I talked them down into breaking it into several stories. However, it definitely opened my eyes and I find myself getting irritated with China quite frequently now. This section is an explanation as to why.

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