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Le Grande Update

*sheepish* Hello? Oh, Hi. It's been a long time hasn't it? I'm sorry. I have a good excuse though!

Notice: I have a brand new boyfriend! I am not a moron. His name is Mike. And we like him. Yes, yes we do.

If you want all the juicy details, let me know and I will add you to the sexxeh filter to be updated later. If no, then here's the quick run down.

I do! I like Mike! And I'm all for ass...onance. All you word nerds should be laughing your asses off right now.

I'm venturing into new territory with this one. We work together at Fidelity, which makes my job infinitely more pleasant because of our e-mail volleys and his frequent visits to my cube. It's not technically dipping the pen in the company ink, because he works for our subsidiary IT company... but whatever. He's also older than I am, which is an extremely pleasant and welcome change to the usual trend of same-age boyfriends.

So yes. I'm continuing the computer dork trend, and it's had marvelous benefits so far. He fixed my laptop! But he's also a chemist in more ways than one [insert cheeky wink here], and very smart all around. Our conversations make my mind hum with happy.

Extra curricularly he's: an eagle scout, a fisherman, a hunter, a hiker, a camper, a runner, lacrosse player, a soccer player, on my bowling team, on the Fid softball team, a DJ, loves traveling, is a fan of live comedy, a music nut, an avid reader of international news, and an all-around nice, fun, life-loving guy. We like him.

In other news, I applied for a full position as a National News Editor with Internet Broadcasting. Please wish me luck. This job would be a freaking dream come true.

I also have started going to a weekly writer's group on Tuesday nights, which has inspired me to reactivate drabble_0n, and expand the focus. Drabbles are great writing exercises, but they can be limiting. So drabbling will continue, but so will general writing exercises.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in creative writing (both reading and writing) to join the community and participate in the writing assignments either by writing or giving constructive criticism!

drabble_0n drabble_0n drabble_0n

I'm also going to be posting some of my favorite stories on here. Please feel free to rip them to shreds/shower them with praise as you deem appropriate.

Jeez, I should've bullet-pointed this beeyotch.

Anyway, I realized it's been almost a full year since I graduated college. What the hell?

I'm turning 23 in 4 days, and I don't really care. I was horrified when I turned 22, but this time around I'm almost pointedly disinterested. I have no idea what I'm doing for my birthday either. I know I'll be working and then going to Sandy's bridal shower, but I have no clue beyond that. Faith assures me that there will be some sort of surprise.

I have to write an article about China and the issues surrounding the Beijing Olympics. Current events with the appropriate glance into China's history. I know dick all about China, you guys. I'm fairly intimidated by this assignment. So Imma go read up.

How are you?

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