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There is logic in the world...

After all the ridiculous, sensational, and appalling journalism spouting nonsense about pills strewn about and many other atrocious factual inaccuracies, some blogs have come to the the rescue of Heath Ledger's reputation, or at least talk some sense.

I'm particularly fond of this blog entry at The Chem Blog.

So, this is The Chem Blog and not Variety and I don’t care too much about Leger’s death, but it’s curious that people jumped to drug overdose without asking anyone if it was really easy to OD on any of these drugs. The answer is that no, it’s painfully difficult to have a fatal OD on any of those drugs.

It at least reinforces my feelings on the matter. Anyway, theres a dog at my feet that won't shut the unholy hell up so I'm gonna run off and punt this beagle into the frozen lake down the block.

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