Thesaurus Rex (virtuistic) wrote,
Thesaurus Rex

Hooray for Hydrocodone!

Well, the wisdom teeth have been removed. It's not as bad as I thought. I actually opted for a needle. I must be going insane. Oh well, I've been having altogether too much fun with my hydrocodone. It's really boring sitting at home though. My past few days have been entertaining though...

You're MSN!
You're MSN, the first choice of instant messengers among Hotmail users. You're annoying to the point that you want to kill the online notifications and the emoticons.

Been having fun as of late. Hanging with Chris watching movies a lot. Rescuing Tosha from her home. Listening to Jon refuse to tell his grandmother "sorry" for jumping out of his window and running away from her, then watching him run into a phone booth on a skateboard. That was a fun day. Then two days ago(being the day before my surgery)Chris came over and we watched George of the Jungle and I got kissed! I shouldnt be excited but I am. Minder came over and we abducted Tosha, I met Mindy's boyfriend, and we all went and chilled at Bill's. I got to see all my boys! Matt, Jon, Shane, Chris and I guess Bill all in one day! Too much fun. Jon tried to suffocate and rape me like normal...humped my leg...the usual. Matt was molesting my knee and inner thigh....methinks he has a fetish. They're all so funny. Gotta love the little clown stress reliever too. That thing is creepy.

You're Caramilk!
Just stuffed full of surprises. No one ever knows what you're going to do next. The greatest mystery to you is, naturally, "how do they get the caramel in the Caramilk bars?"

Yeah well, yesterday Stinky came over after my surgery thing and brought me two movies to watch and chilled with me. I was thankful for it. She brought me a flower too and all that. It was so sweeeet. Now, I'm going to go watch the Harry Potter movie yet again, because I still have it. :D I hope Chris calls me soon, I've had 8 people ask me what i'm doing tonight and I dont knowww! ahhh!
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