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"Everyone! Let's do the dog piss jig!" - Shane

Yay! I love being not grounded. Tosha came over at like 10 this morning and woke me up. That wasn't exactly what I wanted at 10 AM but still it was cool that she came and I was glad to see her. Then Stinky called and she came over and we went to pick up Chris and Shane and couldn't find shane. We did eventually though, but until that point we went to the coffee house to get my pay check[bling bling baby!] and then came back here, watched The Fast and the Furious again, and then frolicked around in the backyard. It's easier to deal with in the day. I dont know if I wrote about yesterday yet but I don't think so. So here goes!!!

I am 170 dollars richer.

Yeah well yesterday tosha, chris, and shane came over. Tosha visited me at work, I went and picked up chris and shane and then made it look like I only picked up chris and that Shane had just magically appeared on my doorstep and needed to be adopted. It was scary, I knew my mom would go ape shit on me if I broke the GDL thing again so I had shane walk up to the house, chris and I were gonna take a lap around the lake and come back and be all, "wow! how did you get here?" but nooo, we had to run into my parents walking home so I did a bit of quick 3 second thinking and told them that Shane was at my house and just wanted to let them know of the change of plans. how thoughtful! Yeah, but Tosha's dad went crazy and picked her up 2 hours early, being 9:30. Phil picked Shane up at 9:45. Chris just hung out with me until midnight. I almost fell asleep on him when watching whatever movie we watched. However, then I decided to show him my backyard because apparently he'd never actually seen it and he was all..."Holy fack that's HUGE!" We attempted to go visit the boyscout camp but it was so dark it was like walking into death it was really scary so we got flashlights and then tried it. However, seeing as Chris kept saying things related to someone is going to be hanging from a tree, or someone is going to jump out from behind a tree, or the tree is going to come to life and bite us, we got a little creeped out and went back. Then, my dad gave him a ride home. Not too exciting.

school is the devil.

today was fun. went to the movies with chris, shane, tosha, and alyssa and saw Triple X. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. Chris and I stole the little couch seat and cuddled all the way through the movie. I've developed a liking for using his finger as a chew toy/sucker. He doesnt mind as long as I dont bite hard. He just prays that I never see an aztec while I have posession of his finger. For then, he might not have one. But we were jumping in puddles and we took some pictures of when we were here. We dressed up tosha in a feather boa, bunny ears, a visor, sun glasses, and just about everything else we could find. Chris adopted my "Hanson Rules" thing from '95 and was wearing it all day. It was pretty entertaining. I think he stole my mini scuba-alien, Xander. Oh well, I'll get it back eventually. I stole his hoodie so we're about even. But alyssa still has mine and that makes me sad because if anyone knows me, I need all the hoodies I can get because I wear them 24/7. however, I really need to get to sleep because I am fackin' tired and I have to call matthew to discuss what we are all doing tomorrow. Tosha is grounded but hopefully that will blow over. None of us ever follow it. Matt and I are going to the Madison Symphony Orchestra though. I'm really looking forward to it. He's going to take me to the White Horse Inn too. =/ It's a really ritzy restaurant with it's on jazz ensemble and whatnot. I'm excited but I'm a little nervous seeing as I admitted to him that I found him attractive about 20 minutes ago. I just don't want to give him the wrong idea. Or get carried away myself in our little escapade.

need. sleep. - . - . must. have. sleep.
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