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Take 2 Capsules...

So I'm diving right into this 100 Movies in a Year goal. I've already got two down! At this rate, I'll have 365! ... Or not. Anyway, capsule reviews!

1. Music and Lyrics

I'm glad I didn't see this in theaters, but I'm glad I saw it. Of course, everyone knows I'm a sucker for ridiculously tight pants and sequined jackets... Alright. That's a horrible lie, but Hugh Grant --despite being old as dirt as far as chick flick dreamboats go1-- pulled them off with charm and grace. I mean it, I really liked his character. He wasn't a caricature, and he wasn't as whiney as he could have been. He admitted freely that he was a has-been, he was okay with playing state fairs, he had a good sense of humor about it all. Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, was the epitome of melodrama. Let's be serious. Her character was batshit crazy, but she didn't need to be quite so crazy. The wide eyes, the hypochondria, the frantic pen clicking, the impulsive needs, the hiding from people... it was a little much. Plotwise, the movie was fairly formulaic. Boy and girl meet, they interact, they have sex right after their first kiss, something goes amiss, there's tension, then an unbelievably sappy recovery. It goes well with red wine and/or Bailey's on the rocks.

1 Excepting Richard Gere, of course.


2. Imagine Me & You

An infinitely better chick flick than above, and I'm not just saying that because one chick falls for another. It's also not because Piper Peribo pulls off a rather cute British lesbian. Nay, I liked it was startlingly more realistic than your average chick flick, at least in terms of cause and effect. That doesn't mean the movie is at all plausible. The plot is a series of highly unlikely meetings, but it's also very human and emotionally driven. It's still a cheeseball lovefest complete with the kissin'-in-the-traffic-jammed-street happy ending, but it's refreshing to have a lesbian-kissing-in-the-street film with all the usual conventions. Perhaps the best thing of all, however, is the support the families give. At least from my perspective, it's nice to not have parents freak their shit out, throw pictures on the ground, and disown their respective children. The message of "love who you will as long as you love them completely and truly" is one that, I think, can't possibly be said too often.


I'm hoping to see Le Scaphandre et le Papillon tomorrow. I really want to get my hands on the book too, but the film looks gorgeous and I want to see it in theaters. I still can't believe that Jean-Dominique Bauby dictated the memoir to his assistant by blinking a number for each corresponding letter of the alphabet after his stroke left him with mobility in one eye. It's incredible to think of that determination and accomplishment in the face of total paralysis.

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