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Self-Congratulatory Post

So now seems like a fine time to revel in the fact that, this year, I am a journalist. I am no longer a student, and while I spend most of my time in a terrible job, I am finally a professional print journalist.

True, most of my articles have been more than a little fluffy. Still, I reported on the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse, and I maintained a news site for a large media company. My first story of this year is a news item, and I'm quite proud of it.

YouTube Brings Iowa Caucuses To Web

Can you guess which is my favorite line? I love this article because it is newsy, but it's not pedantic. It's a different look at the election coverage and rapidly changing media, and it has a lot of me and my writing style in it. Granted, I'm not beating you over the head with my written personality, but it's in there and that's OK. I don't have to be the boring newspaper reporter.

So here's to success. To realizing a dream. Hear hear!

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