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So here's the deal. I need to eat before I can take my medicine again, and I woke up thinking eggs and hashbrowns would be the perfect thing zomg and now I can't get that craving off my tongue. This is the first time I've really had a craving to eat something uber-substantial since I got sick.

So here's my problem. I'm really tired and really lazy and I really don't have anything in my fridge that would assist me in satisfying this craving. I either have to go to the 2 blocks to the grocery store, get the ingredients (and a few other things), and then come back and make it (thus saving myself some dough while sitting on my couch) -- OR I can print off a crossword puzzle, go to the absolutely adorkable cafe 4 blocks away, and pay around $7 to have them make me a breakfast that will also serve as my lunch (and make me feel pampered after a week of hell). After which I would probably pop into the grocery store briefly on my way back for the other essential items.

Please also consider that since I'm so lethargic, I would be driving to either location.

Okay. So there you have it. Please help me. I haven't been able to make a decision and I've been going back and forth since 8:30 and I'm starting to get really hungry. I will see the vote after my shower. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Poll #1104910 A question of taste...

Should I take myself out to breakfast?


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