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High noon in crazy-town!

And I has a foot in it!

Friday nights are really boring when you've got your foot in a bucket. At least I has a sushi! I swung by the grocery store on my way home and they were making caterpillar rolls, and omg-yum! I don't think it gets better than avocado-covered unagi, frealz.

In other news, I confused the crap out of my neighbor, Ryan. He came in to see how I was doing just after I put my foot in the ice water... now mind you, my foot hurt before I put it in a bucket of ice water, so it really hurt afterward. Now, I react strangely to pain. I don't wimper or cry. Nay, I laugh my ass off.

I'm talking hysterics. Laughing uncontrollably, while tearing up a little bit, and occasionally gasping an "ow." I've always done this, even when I broke my rib I did it... and trust me that was not a good combination.

At any rate, I'm pretty sure Ryan didn't understand my method of "coping" because he asked if I was on drugs. I had to explain, through my giggles, that no, I'm just a lunatic.

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Tags: body sabotage, high noon in crazy town!, holy mother of ow
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