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I has my foot in a bucket!

Clearly, I have been indulging in too much icanhascheezburger.

So, this broken foot thing? Kind if irritating. But you know what's kind of fun? I get to sit here on the couch with my laptop on my left thigh and my poor, broken right foot submerged in water in a bucket-aka-the-white-Rubbermaid-trash-can-that-I've-had-since-freshman-year-in-the-dorms-and-yes,-I-used-bleach-first.

I feel like a crazy person, and it's actually quite liberating. I think I might start sitting with one foot in a bucket/trashcan just for the heck of it once this is all said and done. Oh, you laugh, but you haven't tried it.

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Tags: body sabotage
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