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Hoodie Donations taken here!

Today is my last day of grounding. Chris is off grounded because he got up at 6:30 am and made his mom breakfast. Isn't that the cutest? Tomorrow I'm off...of course...I have to work from 11-5 but after that Chris and I are going to see the Crocodile Hunter movie. Booya! I'm kind of frightened at the very idea of Steve Erwin having his own movie, but I'm curious as to how drastic the level of suckiness will be.

I am down to three hoodies! It's so sad, normally I have 5 or six. Only two of which are actually mine. =/ I never buy my own clothes anymore. I just steal everyone else's. Me the clepto...I need to actually get some clothes before school starts though. I only have about three pairs of pants that I can wear. So seeing as I only do my laundry once a week...that doesnt equate too well. Maybe I'll pillage chris's closet and steal all of his clothes. They're all so spiffy and they all smell so good. probably shouldn't steal the "i've come for your daughter" one. Eeeeeh, that might cause a commotion. I get to get a new, not gay, backpack! Yay! I'm actually really excited about that. How lame am I? I'm looking forward to all the new school supplies. I love new notebooks. I just dont like having a legitimate reason to use them. Frah.

I'm going to be fackin rich after I get the paycheck I'm working for now. Well... only 300 dollars ish but still. I'm going to ask my boss about a raise and I think I'm going to start closing after school while I can. Before my life gets too hectic because I need the bling bling. I'm so poor. My parents are going on a rampage too. They're all, "We dont want to pay for you're college! We aren't helping you buy a car! You aren't prepared! You need to apply for scholarships! We aren't made out of money!!" Gawd. I wish they'd just let me live as carefree as possible while I can. I'm happy right now. Tomorrow I'm free! I'm back with my people! Wooo hoo! And the party starts again...
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