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Oh, technology.

So I work 7 days a week, right?

On the weekdays I work a 9-5 in the burbs with my darling roomie, worthyopponent. On the weekends, I work at Internet Broadcasting.

IB used to be located just across the street (literally kitty-cornered) from my day job. Much to my surprise, however, we moved today to downtown St. Paul, which is pretty sweet. We're right on the river, and there's an abandoned factory next door that I totally have to investigate.

In this new place I even have my own cube/desk right by the window. It's pretty amazing.

But it pales in comparison to what I just accidentally discovered. I had my hoodie draped over the corner of my desk, and I went to pick it up and suddenly there was a transformer-esque, mechanical "tssshhhhhhhct!" noise and my entire desk went up an inch.


And they have three preset options that you can adjust, as well as an up and down arrows that lift your desk to the exact height you desire, in intervals as detailed as a tenth of an inch. It's BEAUTIFUL. Completely uneccessary, of course, considering our chairs are adjustable but STILL. I am so impressed.

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