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DVR has its disadvantages...

So, being able to record programs rocks sometimes. You never have to watch commercials and you don't have to be home to catch the shows you love, and/or waste video cassette tapes.

HOWEVER. I also get really behind on seasons, and can't share in the joy/rage of some of my favorite programs. For example, So You Think You Can Dance.

I love that show. I think this has been a great season, but there are some things that drove me nuts the entire time, and now it's over and I can't properly share with all of you my complete and utter disgust/pleasure.

So I have hated that Lacey was in this competition from the very start. I want to know who on the production staff is related to Benji's family because his cousin was on last season, now his sister is on... and the fact that she auditioned with him is just so... unfair. She doesn't do great solos, she doesn't work with her partners, she keeps quitting dancing, and she only came out because her brother won last season. I have been diametrically opposed to the idea of her winning since day one.

When she was eliminated, Faith and I erupted with a collective, enormous, gutteral "YESSS!"

I've always loved Neil, but he does really weird things with his face. He's great, but he kind of needs to mature.

I've never liked Danny. I don't feel it from him. I also don't like his face. Sorry. Shallow, I know... but there you have it. He can jump for miles, and he has great technique, but he's just not that interesting to watch. And the SECOND I found out that Danny is Travis's adopted brother... I got even more upset about how incestuous this season is. But then he didn't win... so nepotism doesn't win SYTYCD. Thank Goodness.

Sabra has been my favorite since the dawn of time. She's so lively, and I think she's the best dancer. I would pay to see her solo for hours. She moves naturally and she's expressive in a way that even non-dance gurus like me can understand and appreciate. I think she absolutely deserved it, and I really hope to see her dance someday.

One thing about this show that I will never understand is Cat Deeley's wardrobe! Honestly! The dress she wore on the finale looks like she killed an emu, gutted it, and stepped in. I had to avert my eyes! It was cruel.

Hopefully they will fire the entire costume staff before the next season. Oh, and mabye Cat will learn how to pronounce the word "judges." U does not equal I, srsly.

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