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Woo! It's been awhile!

Sorry! Camping was freaking fabulous. We slept in a tent, canoed 14 miles with intermittent rapids... quality driving time with Dan and Harry Potter audio books...

Grandpa's surgery went well.

I'm working 7 days a week. It isn't killing me... yet. But I got paid! And I paid a bill! And I feel great about that! I can't wait to lay down my money this month and still have some left over. Not hugging zero is going to be so bizarre. Then again, so will not being in school.

Whatever. That's the general life-status update.

The main reason I'm posting is because I can't stop listening to this one song:

  • In The Morning (feat. Andi Tomi) by Junior Boys [download]

Seriously. I love it. Now I just have to figure out if the rest of the album is worth it.

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