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Disaster in Minneapolis: OPINION

This post is for anyone who may be entertaining fears or thoughts about possible terrorist involvement in the collapse of the 35W bridge in Minneapolis.

The answer is no. Terrorists did not do this in the same way that they did not orchestrate and send tonight's thunderstorm. There are so many targets that would have been better choices in terrorist attacks. We have a World Trade Center here, an international airport, and the Mall of A-freakin-merica for crying out loud.

Both the military and the Dept. of Homeland Security have been here and they have not found any evidence of terrorism. It's highly likely that this was just a tragic and unexpected structural failure. Don't let theories and what-ifs run away with you, and don't let emotions and fear mislead you. Facts will always serve you much better.

Speaking of factual statements made with evidentiary support, or the lack thereof, emotional and premature scapegoating is not only illogical but also unnecessary. Blame games like these are useless, and they destroy the humanity of the situation and turn it into a circus. While civilians and good Samaritans in the area rush to help each other and support one another, others spend time pointing fingers and hypothesizing about terrorism instead of the actual tragedy and the human response and the *gasp* facts.

So patience is a virtue, and truth is always more valuable than speculation. This is a difficult situation and we all want answers, but let's be rational about this.

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