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WHOROSCOPE: There are no real problems in your life now -- only perceived ones. So relax a bit.

Lies! Blatant lies! I would hasten to point out that not having enough money to cover this month's bills would definitely merit the "real" modifier in terms of the problems I am currently facing in my life. Furthermore, my car breaking down earlier this evening would definitely be considered a "real problem" in lieu of my need to transport myself to and from work later this week! Also, where am I to get the money to fix my vehicle if I am already so woefully lacking in funds? Is this not also a "real problem"?

No money? Tosh. No means of transporting self to money? Hogwash. The sudden need for more non-existant monies? Fiddlesticks. Clearly these are but trifles in your eyes, Whoroscope. Pray, enlighten me as to what a "real" problem actually is, because we seem to be operating with different definitions. For your reference, I am aligned with Merriam-Webster. What about you?

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