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Aitch-Pee Agony

As we all know, The 7th Harry Potter book has been leaked onto the internet. This is lame for any number of reasons (denial of right to first publish for one) and I'm really upset about it.

For this reason, I'm staying away from my f-list until the books come out. I really don't want to, because I love you guy, but I keep seeing flirtations with the dark side and I really don't want to know anything until I after I have cracked the spine of my very own hard-cover copy, smelling of new-book-binding and freshly laid ink. Complete with soft, virginal pages.

Some of you are already on a hiatus. I want to know, of the ones that aren't, who of you is absolutely devoted to avoiding spoilers. I will make a custom friends tier that I can trust to read, 'cause otherwise I'll probably be way too bored for my own good.

Poll #1023833 Allies

Do you solemnly swear to avoid all spoilers?

I do!
I wish I could, but some jerk already spoiled it for me. I won't blab about them though!
Sorry, but no.

Whaddaya got?

ETA: Comments are Friends Only until Saturday, just to be safe. Sorry VB.

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