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Don't say fackin' fat!

Rah @ my mother! God! Why can't she be fackin' normal?!?! I have one of the best days I've had in freakin' forever and she has to go ruin it by going all psychobitch fake, "I was worried about you, you irresponsible careless satan child that needs to be protected from herself and her evil ways!" GOD!!! All I did was go with Mindy to take Tosha home! Jesus fucking christ, we didn't even stay for more than 20 minutes and my mom goes ape shit on me. I told my stupid idiot brother where I was going, I wasn't gone for more than a fackin' hour and she goes ape shit on me and was all, "mindy isn't supposed to have two people in her car!" Heaven fackin' forbid that someone else breaks the gdl we've been breaking forever. She let me fackin' break it on my way to Noah's Ark! Is she gonna go ape shit on perfect little catholic Carmen for breaking it too? Today had been so good too and then she had to go fuck it up. >=[ RAHHH!!

I really dont need this right now. . . but I'm just a teenager. Disreguard how I feel because we all know nothing I could feel is real.

Today Toosh came over, as promised and we hung out for a bit, kinda lolled around in a half asleep stooper for awhile. Then Minder called and we hung out with her, then went into Deerfield to pick up Shane and Chris and ended up coming back empty handed, but I retrieved the "Hobbit Hole of Scott Miller" sign! Go me. Shane ended up being at my house, so we went to Bill's and ended up making way too many jokes about fatness during today. We were going to go to the pool but there was some retarded swim meet going on so we couldn't. We went to the lake instead and it was fackin' cold. We changed and then went to Mel's which is like, everyone's favorite restaurant. Yumm @ the cheese fries. Then we rented Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail and watched it. Phil came over and actually watched it with us and was sociable and nice! I was so suprised. Then, alas, shane went with phil and I went to take tosha home and grab my scooter that i'll be taking to work tomorrow and my mom went ape shit and then everything went wrong.

I thought things were going to be okay, but I guess I was only dreaming.
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