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So You Think You Can Dress Cat Deeley?

OKAY. Who watches So You Think You Can Dance? Who finds themselves hating every single thing Cat Deeley wears? Who dresses that girl? She looked like she dipped herself in glue and then leapt into a pile of kids' modeling clay and glitter before waltzing on stage for yesterday's show. Today she's wearing a taffeta prom-dress that has been cropped. It would be okay if it weren't for that really unfortunate waistline and uneven hem. And I can see her zipper. Not good.

Whatever. Who's your favorite? I'm born between Danny + Anya and Sabre + Dominic. There's only one person I absolutely cannot stand, and that's Jamie. I want to take her stupid face, and just punch her in the teeth.

Pee Ess... Imma do a weekly poll once it gets to 10 dancers... so tell yo' friendz.

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