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I'm feeling a little jittery. In two hours I have an interview with the truly fabulous non-profit agency, Project SUCCESS. I am so... enthusiastic, about this opportunity I'm afraid I might blow it by being overzealous. But you know what, screw that, because I'm a passionate person and they are passionate about their cause so maybe I'll just throw caution to the wind right now and do exactly as they suggest, and "simply be [my]self." For good or ill, come hell or high water, etc.

OotP was totally worth waiting until 3 a.m. for. Especially since I got a little silly and dressed up in a cloak and corset and things. I'll write more on it later... probably once I see it again. I loved it though. I AM SO. GLAD. STEVE KLOVES DIDN'T HAVE HIS MITS ON THIS ONE. There weren't any major, gaping plot holes! And although I am sad we didn't get to see more of Ron in favor of Grawp (who totally looks like the MAD cartoon guy by the by), I was really okay with the film on the whole. Also, Luna Lovegood is quite possibly the best casting decision ever made. Just sayin'.

Anyway, more later!

ETA: Also, ASJFKLWAUFDJKLZKEYSMASH!!! I REQUIRE. How is it, Mel? Do you have it yet?

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