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Today is a great day, I think.

Today is a truly delightful day and I am in very high spirits. Why, you ask?

Well, there's this person and his name is Dan, and today is our 6 month anniversary! You can bet your sweet bottom that I am squeeing like a little girl inside.

I know it's so the twelvest, but this is hands-down the best relationship I have ever been in. Dan is wonderful, and I'm still as happy as I was in the first week. Why? He's kind and cuddly, and a totally adorkable romantic. He's very intelligent and teaches me new things all the time, and he is willing to patiently explain things to me (especially math-related things). He likes art, photography, and film and he shares all of the above with me (he just got NetFlix and he lets me go in and futz with his account! \m/ ). He's very funny, and always keeps me laughing and smiling - either with his wit, his broad repertoire of comedy, or his silly/geeky antics. He's spiritual, and keeps me involved in my faith, and strives to get us involved in faith together. That and he's supportive, and charming, and respectful, and handsome, and polite, and thoughtful, and... and... and...

Oh, and he can stand his own with my family... extended family included. I am ever so impressed and glad. My family digs him too. He even won over my mother, which makes him the first to accomplish that feat. Cripes, I haven't even done that.

So here's to my gentleman. My "boo," if you will. I'm sure he'll be reading this at some point today. So here's to you, Wonderful. Thanks for making the past six months just that.

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