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Good news...

They won't make me pay the kitty bills, and they will keep him alive and rehabilitate him there before finding him a happy home if the owners don't show themselves. Happy times.

Also on the good news front: Job interviews are pouring in!

...That only took a month and a half, but I am a final candidate for the contracted artist job with the U.S.D.A. I have to send in a sample drawing of a hedge-clipper (no lie) and a bid.

Lillie Newspapers, the folks I turned down an internship with (stupid mistake, in retrospect) are now hiring a feature writer. Huzzah!

But the real shining star here is that Project SUCCESS, the amazing non-profit organization that helps low-income families go see theater and helps kids learn really great team-building skills... just building hope and positivity from the ground up... is looking for a Theater Program Manager and I have an interview. I am so. stoked. DO WANT.

Also high on the cool-o-meter: I get to spend the whoooooole weekend with Dan... and the entirety of my crazy-weird extended family. I'm looking forward to it. I think getting out of town will be a lovely little retreat, and there will be boating, water skiing, swimming, frolicking, and much gladness. And if we get bored, we can always hang out with my cousin John the Comedian or his brother Jason the Rockstar. Or we can go buy illegal fireworks and set them off around the countryside. You know.

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