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Be careful, I might hoodwink you.

what the crap? Why are my parents so stupid? They let my brother have his little friend over on short notice but I can't have Tosha over? That is so stupid, but she'll be over here tomorrow. So they can go suck an egg. I'm just bored now. My rents are so not fair.

Today was actually pretty cool though, despite the obvious afflictions. Carmen dropped me off at Tosha's and we hung out there for a bit. I declared yoink on her ghetto 13 hat and her hurley hoodie. I'm stylin' now. We wandered through Marshall and met Chris on our way to Jimmy Johns and then we skateboarded around and then met shane. We walked to the firemans park and it wasn't really that fun besides the four person springy thing. The slides smelled like urine and one of them was visibly wet so we left and tried to climb the high school but we couldn't find a way up. So we went back to tosha's house, nicked some soda from the iga and stopped at the cool park with spinny things on the way. Then chris and I went trampolining and I ended up getting a fat lip when his head collided with mine. We ended up collapsing into a heap and laughing and coughing ourselves into an apathetic state of exhaustion. He kept apologizing profusely and I just kinda laughed and played into it.Then we just kind of laid there while tosha and shane started a big fire. Chris is cute, he smells good and he reminds me of Ian. We all ended up getting in a big tickle war on the trampoline and then just lieing there for awhile, watching the psychotic bats fly around. Then we went back to the fire, I threw a couple fishbowls full of gasoline on it... Burn baby burn!!! Then we just ended up using some spray paint, I spraypainted 311 into tosha's garage and we used some form of vehicle lubricant on the fire too. It was entertaining. Then alas, phil arrived with a whole carload of people to take us home and arf. I wish tosha could have came over but nooooo. Chris and I saw wayyyy too much of bill too. eww... i just kinda hid my head in him and he did the same. That boy smells really good and is quite funny. Anywho, now i'm at home. quite bored. At least tosha will be here tomorrow. I just wish my rents weren't so rah.
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