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Yo! Art lovers in the Minneapolis region!

I was swimming the other day and I had the random opportunity to meet Gladys Beltran. She is a lovely and fascinating woman, very open and honest. She is also a painter, and several of her works will be on display in the MCAD galleries from July 6-Aug. 12. On the 6th there is an opening reception, and I plan on going. You should come too.

She was born in Columbia, but when she received grants for her art she moved to Minnesota. She doesn't mind the cold because her "soul is warm here." She said:

My soul was born down there, but it can only grow here. In other countries you can only look ahead in a narrow view, but in America you see everything. That is my new perspective. All around you, you can see. It's like being in an airplane, but only half as high. You look down and you see it all. All the little details.

That is the inspiration for her art, and to me, that sounds fascinating. I also think she is a very lovely lady and her son, Emanuel, is as cute as a button--even if he did smear red paint all over her bathtub before coming to the beach.

We talked a lot...even about good recipes and the dangers of cooking with aluminum pans. There are, evidently, these new stainless steel pans that will notify you when your food has reached the proper temperature. It also costs over $1000 for four. Who knew?

One thing Gladys did mention to me that really resonated with me, was how we city-dwellers need to balance our lives with nature in order to be healthy. Otherwise all the stuff we own, the distractions, the noise, the work, etc. will get to us and close us off to one another. Being outside, really outside in the forest, she said, realigns her with the universe and gives her more perspective and some much-needed calm.

I would agree with her. I've been thinking a lot about Canada recently, and how I wish I could just up and go there. The healthiest I've ever felt was when I was sitting on a rock after swimming to an island in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. With the mossy birch trees and the heavy summer scent of the Tamaracks, the scratchy lichen on the all the stones, and the sound of loons singing somewhere behind me... It's a very tactile experience. I always come home feeling so much better.

I think I need to go camping.

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