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Bah. I really cannot stand my parents. They're on my case about everything now. And I'm really not that evil. I wish I could move out right now, I half wish they'd kick me out because then they couldn't yell at me for leaving. Knowing them, they'd crap themselves. Both of my parents are off today and my mom wants me to do 8 million house chores...perhaps she's changed her mind about me being a dog that has to be reprimanded constantly, now I'm back to normal maid status.

Well, yesterday was Ian and my 1 year, 1 month anniversary and he called me which cheered me up after all the crap my mom said. I just wish I could get the crap out of here! Like, yesterday was fun and whatnot hanging out with chris and matt and toosh... going to frosty freeze, attacking the ShopKo in fort. But oh my god, we were a half an hour late! Not like we even had anywhere to be...so my mom freaked out and started yelling at me in front of them and was all... they're going back to Deerfield now! You're coming home! For the rest of the day you're grounded! So I had Mindy come over. hah. Loopholes Loopholes. Matt was going to come over later for a nightime stroll along the lake to clear our heads but the lack of keys kind of demolished that plan. So once again, I just cried myself to sleep.

Now my brother and his little dorky friend are at ultrazone, my mom is frolicking around madison, and i'm stuck here. Of course she wouldnt give me a ride over to Tosha's because my mom doesnt like Tosha, and because "it's out of the way". So I'm sitting here at home, bored out of my mind, avoiding the list of chores she left me.

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