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Sandy, aither_nyx, is now on her way to Milwaukee to start her new life with her fiance. I would like to publicly wish her the best of luck, and all the happiness she can possibly bear. I'm going to miss her terribly.

In fact, I already do. I'm very greedy about my friends. They are my family, and she's been here since the start, the very silly beginning. And for all of it, too. Never missed a beat, that one. After four years she's really more of a sister than a friend. I can't believe it's been four years. We really packed a lot in. I also can't believe we had four years and there's so much we simply didn't do. There's a heck of a lot we did do, a boatload of things we shouldn't have done, and I know we still have time to do more things we may or may not regret later. There will just be interims between our divers and sundry doings.

Still, I'm feeling lonely just now. Although, my lunch with notashamed was divine and I'm sure tonight's up-and-coming debate with muhnipul8a will be diverting if not delightful, so at least I don't have too much time to sulk.

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