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Oh Intarwebs...

So over my hiatus when I wasn't using el jay to sate my need for internet activities, I stumbled upon a few great sites.

Must see:
Why: It's full of cute pictures of cats and walruses and puppies and things, silly intarweb speak captions, and it's funnier than

Must see:
Why: It's an extremely intelligent webcomic that features everything from math to linguistics, and it's delightful.

And Dan recently brought these to my attention 'cause he rules:

Must see: Tiny Animals On Fingers Photoset.
Why: Not only are these adorable baby animals, but it will rock your sense of proportion. Also, the quality of these macroshots is pretty incredible.

Must see: Butterfly Color Palettes
Why: Macro shots of butterflies and corresponding color palettes. It's lovely. I think I want to design a room by using butterfly colors someday.

Just thought I'd share.

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