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It's not so bad...

I really wish Matt would get his butt online so I can go to sleep faster. I have to work in the morning but yesterday was fabtastically entertaining. Today sucked. This is what I did, stayed home. YAY! It was my brother's birthday uh... a whopping 20 min ago. Back when it was still August 1st. Now, seeing as it's the second, I have to work an 8 hour day, and then go watch "Requiem for a Dream" with the Matt boy but I dont know when, and he's supposed to meet me but he's not here. So! Might as well recap yesterday.

Well I had Alyssa, Tosha, Shane, Matt, and Casey over yesterday/wednesday/what-the-fuck-ever! and we all went swimming at my pier and it was too much fun. Matt was devoting himself to untying my suit, little bastard. Casey kept picking me up and throwing me around and I got poked in the eye by a submerged stick. That part wasn't cool, but for the most part, swimming was fun. Watching Matt flip off the pier was definitely entertaining. Especially since he came over with the whole open white dress shirt exposing his perfect stomach thing. Reow! Afterwards we went to Mel's Diner for supper, ordered our food at different times throughout the meal and hoola hooped in the restaurant. Matt & I tangoed between the tables, and he did it all without wearing shoes. Yay for bare feet! We terrorized a KB toys, oh it was all great. =] Then we came back and played video games at my house and I used Matt as a pillow. Comfyyyy.

Anyway, that was way fun. I'm exceptionally tired now, however. I guess I'm just going to have to call little Matt boy from work tomorrow if I can. Maybe before or after I go out to eat. Or I can lie to my mommy and be like, "I need to be back by 7 wench!" Maybe he really doesnt want to watch it with me. Bah, maybe I'll just hang out with Jon. I haven't seen him in a few days. =/ Ian is leaving for camping tomorrow. I miss him already.
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