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It's been a fun night.

It's one of those when you really don't mind that it's gone this far into the morning.

Lena let me leave early today, since all the copy is fact-checked and I was just copy-editing paginations that hadn't recieved the editor's first round yet... it was really fun though. Dorky as it may sound, I love copy-editing.

I turned in my resume and cover letter today. Eesh. I'm nervous. I toiled over those things. I completely stepped outside my normal comfort zone with those, broke the "professional distance" barrier and went straight for the sincere plea. I feel... exposed.

I went over to chill with aither_nyx, and painted my fingernails black for the first time since sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately, the base coat was super thick and - for some reason - the brush just introduced bubbles so they are really quite textured. It's like eggshell wall-texture, but miniaturized for your fingernails.

I kind of dig it though. It's been so long. It's extremely nostalgic. I think I should go home and fall asleep to the Pumpkins and really take a trip down memory lane. That's right. Collapsing at 4 a.m. with Billy Corgan and black fingernails. Good times.

At this rate, that's probably when I'll get to bed. We're still at the LAN party playing DotA, but I'm ready to fall asleep right here. Seriously, if I had a contact case and some solution, it'd be on. I'd be in dreamland faster than you can say "snore."

ETA: When did el jay get awesome and let you put in embedded media?

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