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have I waited too long?

Oh dear lord, last night was so fun! I'm so fankin' bored now though because the only thing I did today was go water skiing for an hour-ish. Uh... but I have to tell you about last night! Woo!!

Yesterday I was sitting at home after a long day of cleaning, bored to death and finally after freaking forever... Jon called me. Along with Matt and Tosha and Shane and Phil and whatnot. They were going to statestreet and Jon had basically called to say hello and what not and then Tosha was like... we should come steal you! Me being really bored was like.. YES! DO! So they came and abducted me and we went to State Street and Phil and Shane made a water bong out of a honey bear, making it look like it had a penis and it was hilarious but kinda creepy. Jon is quitting again. Wheee! Rightly so too, if it's making him sick. I have all my hardware back now though and Tosha gave me a really big hug and I tackled Jon kinda... and then we were off. I got to meet Matt who was screaming something about wanting to have sex with me - very scary boy. In the end, Matt told me that if Ian & I ever broke up[which we wont] I should give him a call. I told him I would. Hell, he's really super sessie with his skater bod & lil abs but he's also smart! Exceptionally cynical and skeptical but smart! He knows a lot of the vocabulary I do and he plays piano like no tomorrow. He was being really mean though and he was all "Marriage is dumb! Dont get married! And if you do, marry me!" so I stole his shoes and started throwing Taco Bell Fire Sauce packets at him. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.

We all got picked up and went cruising into Madison, actually adrian's house first. Stupid fuck, I hate him. But we raped a Road Ranger Gas station first and Matt stole me a really cool lighter and Shane nicked some food and Jon just pretended he was 18 to get cigs for Shane. Tosha and I went screaming around the gas station and were almost attacked by a dog but when we finally decided to get into the car again...we were driving and Phil completely missed our turn even though all 5 of us were screaming "LEFT" 2 blocks in advance. Then we went to Adrians house to hook him up with his stupid rrrr...and Jon's g/f Ariel called. Jon was all, "Hey I want you to meet my cool friend Special K! Here!" and he hands me the phone, I say "Hey, who is this?" and the first thing she says is, "Did you touch Jon?" What the crap is that?!? I simply reply, "Uh. Not yet, should I?" Then she's all, "Yeah well I'm his girlfriend so you shouldn't." Reow! Hiss!!! So I gave her back to Jon and she was really being a little wench to him so when he hung up with her he turned to us all and asked, "Should I break up with her?". Simultaneously, we all say a resounding "YES". So he has me do it for him and I tell her that I lied and I have touched Jon in the past - not when they were going out - and I hugged him that night and he didn't know how to tell her that he want's it to be over and she wanted to feed his penis to her salamander. *Charming* Then they talk and apparently she thought he was dumping her for me because suddenly I'm hearing, "No! I am not going to fuck Shelby!" repeatedly. I'm sitting here saying, "What about fucking me?" Matt chimes in, "I will! Ooo! Pick me!". Silly boy and his hormones. The thing is, she kept calling him for two hours straight and he's all, "Dude! It isnt working out! I never see you!" And in a half an hour she's going to be picking him up from work and going to watch porn with him as a last ditch effort to keep him.


Yeah so I'm retarded. However, when we got to state street that was a riot because we attacked a taco bell and were climbing on the tables and the little wait line barrier things and we stole pocket fulls of the fire sauce. We then decided to scamper on down toward Lake Monona and on the way there is this happy little fountain. Matt kinda stays behind a ways and then we ask, "Where's Matt?" and he comes sprinting up from behind us and jumps into the fountain. Total bellyflop right in the middle, splashing all the people on the other side. I almost died laughing. Then he got out... all soaking wet in all of his clothing and came up and gave me a big hug. So nice of him. It looked like I pissed myself. Then he took off his shirts... grrr! ;] I really like males. Especially punk-ass males. Then he started whipping me with it so I stole it and wrung it out over Tosha and Jon. =] Attractive boys are so bad for meeee. Ian tops them all though so I friggen RAWK! Then after the whole fountain thing we actually did go to the lake and tosha and I tried to catch a duck but Matt scared them away and it was mean. Then he started lighting cups on fire with phil. woo! Jon did a little burning of his own, he took out a picture of him and ariel at prom and burned it while on the phone with her making plans to see her the next day to "talk". ARF! NO! But then Matt went back to trying to take off my pants in public and lifting my shirt to look at my swimsuit and jon was kind of trying to hug me and hold me near him. Then some perfect stranger walked up and gave us a perfectly illegal firework so phil lights it...then he holds onto it like a RETARD and throws it friggen 2 seconds before it goes off! Lucky bastard. Almost blew up his hand. Scared the shit out of all the ducks though. hah.

Today seems like a good day to burn a bridge or two.

Then we went back to our kickass station wagon! We hung out... spat on spiders...I gave jon a really big hug...Matt accused us of making out so I pretended to kiss Jon and it was really hard not too. Especially since he was so sad and he looked like he could've used one but I have Ian and I don't want to lose Ian or ruin what we have. I'd never do that to Ian, I love him too much. So then we decided to all go swimming, on the way back Shane and Phil toked up again and we were racing all the really cool pimped out race cars in our shitty ass stationwagon with the windshield that matt broke. hah.. perfect little snowflake. We were driving there and i was sticking my head out the window avoiding smoke and Jon was chewwing on my hair which was strange. It was more strange when he licked it, but then he kissed the top of my head, and my neck. Oh the shivers. But we went to lake ripley and shane and phil sat out...losers. and Matt, Jon, Me, and Tosha went swimming and it was friggen cold. It rocked anyway cuz yeah, Jon swimming is always a good thing. Matt was trying to strip me and kept commenting on how good I smell and how good I look in a swimsuit and molested my inner thigh so I hit him with his own shoe. We played chicken and then we attacked a boey. All four of us holding onto it, wasnt working very well. It ended up being all of us holding onto each other cuz we were cold and then people came out with flashlights so we decided to leave. So we all went to Shane's cuz that's where I had to stay because I told my mother that I was staying at Tosha's and seeing as Tosha was staying at shanes... But Shane's mom was pissed because Veeder had been waiting there and it was like 3 am and we just came home and there were about 7 of us and yeah... So Jon and Matt and Phil and Veeder left and I gave Jon a big hug goodbye cuz he looked really sad and he told me that he's missed me and I told him I'd call him and all.. and shanes mom made me and tosha stay out on the porch a bit longer while shane argued that we could stay. In the end, I ended up unintentionally yoinking jon's hat because he put it on my head at State Street and I forgot about it. Tosha and I had to wait outside while Shane tried to explain that we had nowhere else to go and why he was bringing home two soaking wet girls at three in the morning. =/ Eventually she let us in and then Shane lent me some dry clothes and we watched part of a movie and I fell asleep... and came home to today where all I did was go waterskiing. Boring. I'm kinda worried about Jon & Ariel tonight but I can do some repairing if it need be done, and Chris called him for me to tell him "just say no". He said he's gonna call me tomorrow. I hate suspense. I really dont like Ariel and I don't want her to hurt him. I'll kill her if she does. No one hurts my friends.

But don't change a hair for me. . . Not if you care for me. . . Stay little valentine, stay.
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