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BREAKING NEWS: Bomb threat at the U

University of Minnesota, MINNEAPOLIS - Eight buildings on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota have been evacuated as a result of a bomb threat found in a bathroom.

Taken from the University Website
Building Evacuations on East Bank

All employees working in any of the buildings listed below are required to leave the building and will be dismissed from work for the remainder of the day with pay.

Employees scheduled to work evenings or night shifts in these buildings should report to their normal reporting sites in Mechanical Engineering and Scott Hall.

Unless notified otherwise all employees should report to work as usual on Thursday.

Kohltoff Hall, Smith Hall, Fraiser Hall, Science Classroom Building, Walter Library, Johnston Hall, Morrill Hall, Appleby Hall.

I have class on the opposite side of the mall right now and I am not going. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you have a class in Tate, Ford, Murphy, Lind, or even on to the CSci building, or the Biology building - I say do not go. Call your friends, make sure they're somewhere safe, and stay safe yourself.

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