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So I'm 22 now, and that's ... whatever. It's my father's birthday today, and - according to him - he just turned "fifty-seven hundred million years old." In all seriousness, he's 57 with a bad case of hyperbole.

I did the math, and for some reason the fact that my father was 35 when I was born kind of creeps me out.

Whatever. Today is AWESOME. And by awesome, I mean LAME. I've been tearing up my articles, but it's snowing outside and I spilled tea all over myself because I was gesturing too violently while discussing American Idol and social Darwinism. I think this morning is indicative of a larger truth... I should've stayed in bed today.

Magazine Editing and Production has become the bane of my existence, and I've been dreading going to class ever since the last class ended. Whoopee. That's right, folks. I would rather wakemy self up at 7 in the a.m. and drag myself to CommLaw than go to Mag Editing and Prod, which is terribly depressing because it should've been my favorite class this semester. Ah well. It's almost over... and we still don't have funding. Ha hah! Goody!

HOWEVA, I'm going to the Guster concert tonight with Dan, which I am eagerly anticipating. Feel free to bombard me with your jealousy.

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