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And we all go marching on...

Squirming in pain? Check.
Wincing occasionally? Check.
Feeling puffy and enormous? Check.
Lingering nausea? Check.
Slightly paranoid? Check.

Man, I feel like a woman! Seriously, y'all. I cannot wait for menopause.

Whatever. Moving on.

Tee-Oh Dee-Oh
  • Shower.
  • Blog entry for news blog.
  • Another blog entry for news blog.
  • Yet another blog entry for the news blog.
  • 300-400 word advance for K2.
  • "Specialty Beat" story proposal for Public Affairs Reporting.
  • Eight Page Paper for Survey of Dramatic Lit. 12 pages, beeyotch!
  • Research State Story.
  • IDL course chapter 1, AMAP.
  • Magazine Analysis of METRO.
  • Commlaw Brief for Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier.
  • Get aneurysm.
  • Re-send insurance papers.
  • Write out bills... *cringe*
  • Balance checkbook.
  • Clean Room. ...somewhat.
  • One load of laundrizzle.

Things Which Must Happen or the World Will End
  • Play DotA with code-name Rapid Fire.

I suppose I ought to get going. *sigh*

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