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Today was okay. I had a great chat with my neighbors Rob and Izard, had a nice walk in the warm sunlight, and really enjoyed my readings for Survey of Dramatic Literature. We had a great discussion, and I got an A on my paper. I was feeling good mentally, even though I've been kind of under the weather.

I was pumped to go home, do some yoga, and tackle the homework. I walk through the door, and my phone starts ringing. I answer it, and it's my Dad telling me that when I put a hold on my checking account, apparently a check got returned because of the stop, so I have 30 days to send a new check or I'll have to pay an extra 30 dollars. It was alright. It was understood. He was going to send it with the monthly rent check... and my mother literally grabbed the phone and Hiroshima-ed my eardrums.

Some days my mother makes me wish I didn't have one.

Now I'm a sad, angsty panda. *sigh* I want a Dan-hug.

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