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damn my luck...

Gawd. We had a really big thunderstorm last night[actually it was early morning but no one cares.] and it destroyed the phone and the electricity and grrrr. Thus I couldnt call Ian until 1:45 and of course he'd already left to go uptown or outside for God knows what reason. I miss him!!! I didnt get to talk to him last night either. He didnt get in until very late and I didn't want to wake his mother up again. =[ Maybe I can get ahold of him at supper. sigh

On the other hand, I am so totally stoked! We have VP back again! Everything is just the way it was before! All the games, all the tours, and everything! It's so cool! No more Super Crap!!! WOO! I also got a bop-it pen. It so kicks. I'm going to go write Ian a letter with it.

Everybody...Backstreet's gayyyyy....But Imma chat in style tonight... VP's back.. ALRIGHT!
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