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I hate daylight savings time.

I set my alarm last night, woke up this morning all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, went to get in the shower, stopped to talk to my worthyopponent in the kitchen and BAM! 10:20, I was robbed of church, because an hour was stolen right from under my feet.

*sigh* Well, I should still get ready for my press-lunch with Nic. But I've got an hour and fifteen, so I'd really rather play Warcraft III to dispell my angst. Maybe if I hurry I can do both.

I keep trying to tell myself that at least it happened on the weekend. Plus, it's not like the whole day has been ruined. There's still the Ballet of the Dolls at 2 pm. 2-for-1 tickets, baby! I don't think I've seen anything at the Ritz theater yet, so why not start off with ballet to Dolly Parton tunes?

Aaaaand then I want to drag Dan to Casino Royale, 'cause he hasn't seen it and that's a cryin' shame.

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