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Uuunngg. Could this day get any longer?

Seriously, it's not that I don't absolutely love my job, 'cause I do. It's just it's so beautiful outside, and I didn't take my lunch break 'cause I felt guilty about being late this morning, and I have so much energy, and the minutes are taking forever to pass.

It's not like I've been bored either! I finished up three features today, started on two more, and one is already half done. I've sent about a dozen e-mails, and made more phone calls than I can even remember. I've been movin' and shakin'... so why won't the clock do the same?

ETA: Also, I'm fact checking a feature about feng shui. Maybe it's just me, but if you're trying to sell feng shui as a design concept that will be good for people, shouldn't you have well designed websites?

Seriously, what is this?!

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