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Monday: 1 | Shelby: 0

Today is not good times, y'all. No, sir. But hey, it's one month until my birthday, bitches! I'll be 22, and that prospect is really quite horrifying.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is a revised Tee-Oh Dee-Oh that will hopefully help me stay on track through my groggy, greasy, and - in all other respects - gratuitously gross Monday. Feel free to ignore it.

To Do
  • E-mail Rebecca on story edits.
  • E-mail Cassie on story edits.
  • Revise Court Story
  • Write Local Government Story (won't)
  • Re-read Jeanne's comments and brainstorm/create skeleton for rewrite
  • Continue to read & annotate Make No Law by Anthony Lewis (248 pages), due Tuesday.

    In between 50 page segments I'm allowing myself to do something odd or diverting, just following in impulse. This book is so dead boring, and I know New York Times v. Sullivan, so reading a book about it is just redundant and irritating. Anyway, progress bullets!
    1. pages 0-50
    2. pages 50-100
    3. pages 100-150
    4. pages 150-200
    5. pages 200-248
    6. Finish final annotation

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